30 June 2014

You have made it awesome! Read the COC’s thank you note


15 June 2014

All good things come to an end … but the Knightly Experience lives on! Read here




 13 June 2014

Be Bright Be Busy Be Better! Read here



 12 June 2014

A Knightly Start and a Day of Impact! Read here




08 June 2014

Find out more about the Pre-Conference Party and After Party Venues. Click Here


06 June 2014

Sign-Up for the Row 4 Nets Challenge! Click Here


04 June 2014

Attention JCI EC2014 Delegates – Please read this important information – Click Here!


03 June 2014

Discover how you can personalise your own Conference Program. Read here. 

01 June 2014

Read the latest newsletter announcing more information on the Sports Program and Beach Better CSR Community Project. Click here. 


30 May 2014

Company Visits FULLY BOOKED!

Pick-up from the Radisson Blu Resort
(HQ Hotel – JCI Village – Bus Stop 1)

Click here for more information 

Click here to book your place
Reservation is not guaranteed until you receive an email confirmation from the COC Team.


29 May 2014

With less than two weeks to go, we thought it would be fitting to remind you on some essentials! Here is a checklist!



25 May 2014


JCI EC2014 Delegates, Members of the Community and Partners are invited to join us for this event where we shall be cleaning up parts of St. George’s Bay entitled BEACH BETTER. The aim of this clean-up is to bring together people from different sectors of society and raise awareness on the impact that pollution has on marine life.

The event will take place on Friday 13 June between 10.30am and 12.30pm. Professional Divers and an Ambulance will be on-site.


23 May 2014



We have an official ‘JCI EC2014 Malta’ App for your iOS or Android Phone which will help you to ‘favourite’ the activities of the programme that you like PLUS other features. More updates will be made available soon.

The conference is at your fingertips!

Search ‘JCI EC2014 Malta’ on Google Play or App Market. IT’S FREE!

This app was developed thanks to InstApp


20 May 2014

With just few days away from the European Conference happening in Malta, we want to make sure you let your hair down at our parties!

Have a song request? Have a tune that makes your night?

This is how you can control our turn-tables andbecome our virtual DJ: submit the name of the song and the artist with the #ec2014djplaymytune and we’ll make sure you get the music you deserve!


We’ll go first:

#ec2014djplaymytune Talk Dirty by Jason Derulo.

Get cracking! Send those request in. See you on the dance floor.

17 May 2014

The City Map of St. Julian’s has been updated to include the pick-up points of the shuttle service. Click here to access the map. 

15 May 2014

KidMessAre you coming to Malta with your children and want to keep them entertained?

Our commitment to you is to provide you a hassle-free conference and we are proud to announce a Children’s Club and Animation Program at the Corinthia Hotel St. George’s Bay (JCI Village).

Follow the link to know more:



11 May 2014

The latest JCI EC2014 Newsletter is out (11 May 2014)

- Country Guide – Destination: Malta
- Direct Transfers
- Opportunities to Impact your LOM…and the World!
- Go Basketball in Malta
JCI Finlandia Night

Click here to Open

11 May 2014

The Official Countdown begins! Only 30 Days to go for the 2014 JCI European Conference in Malta!


08 May 2014

One of the special events at the 2014 JCI European Conference in Malta will be a 3×3 JCI European Basketball League – Sports for Nets Event. Read More..

06 May 2014


Get to the registration desk at the Radisson Blu St. Julian’s from the Airport in 30 mins! Book your direct transfer today from: With fees starting from EUR8 per person for one way. Or else if you are a group of 8 people, you can book a van just for yourselves for an even cheaper rate!

Bookings for direct transfers to the JCI Village on the day of arrival WILL NOT be accepted.

03 May 2014

Check out the 03 May Newsletter – Conference News and Updates. Click Here…

26 April 2014

Check out the latest EC2014 Newsletter – Conference Updates and News. Click Here…

23 April 2014

More information about the JCI-Invited and COC-Invited trainings/workshops are being uploaded on ourtrainings page. Click here for more info. 


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